Collaboration is the cure


ustwo collaborates with clients, clinicians, patients, and health systems to strategically design and deliver digital solutions that produce tangible results and transform lives

ustwo Health is driven by a varied community of practitioners across our studios. They deploy specialised knowledge to collaborate with clients, healthcare professionals and academic experts to create lasting, meaningful digital health solutions.

The conceptual boundary between ‘health’ and ‘digital health’ is dissolving, and there are huge opportunities to address challenges in a number of areas, in particular:

  • Quality and timeliness of interventions (diagnosis and treatment)
  • Accessibility
  • Data and measurability
  • Cost effectiveness

The efficacy of mental health apps is a huge issue for a relatively new sector. We’ve always used technology to help us stay well but, increasingly, the design, tech and healthcare industries need to work together to prove that new products and techniques – driven by developments in mobile – can be effective. We’re very aware of that and actively look to play our part.

Here’s some of the stuff we’ve been working on:

moodnotes screen


Capture your feelings, improve your thinking habits

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Client Work

Allergy Lab Copenhagen

Making life with allergies simpler, easier, and more bearable.

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A totally new mobile relaxation and meditation experience for a calmer state of mind

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DeepMind Health patient (data simulated)
Client Work

Deepmind Health

Advancing innovation in health technology to improve patient care

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An interactive meditation app designed for mindfulness on the move

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Client Work

Cancer Council

Creating a tool to encourage kids to eat more fruit and vegetables.

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The best way to put people at the centre of new healthcare solutions is, we believe, through convening true partnerships between digital health innovators and healthcare experts.

Bringing product design skills is not enough – the delivery of person-centred care depends upon our ability to create bridges between institutions, businesses and designers. Read our views on the future of healthcare.

We’re looking to collaborate with healthcare providers, academics, established companies and new startups to build the future of health. If there’s something you’d like to solve, or to collaborate with us on, get in touch –