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ustwo is a B Corp

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Reinforcing our commitment to
running a sustainable business

When Sinx and Mills first started ustwo in 2004, their aim was to create an environment where people could thrive and create their best work. They created a business guided by deep care, and a belief that profit and a strong values system are not mutually exclusive.

Fast forward to today, ustwo is a B Corp organisation. It was the natural next step for our company. When we first looked at the certification, we loved how it closely aligns with our principles, values and the way we already operate. But it also brings in a new level of accountability and a tangible way to measure our impact.

B Corp certification gives us a North Star for the type of business we want to be in years to come: one that gives more than we take from the world.

//Mills, Co-founder

Certified B Corps are for-profit businesses that meet the highest social, environmental and transparency standards

Becoming a B Corp business is a real manifestation of our mission to create a positive and meaningful impact in the world.


We made a podcast about it

Listen to us talk about the reasons behind becoming a B Corp, our expectations,the reality of the (very rigorous!) accreditation process and what we learnt along the way.

Spotify podcast

We spoke to Creative Review

Sinx spoke to Creative Review about becoming a B Corp, what it means for ustwo and why more companies should consider it.

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