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Changing Together Series: Shifts Launch

We owe you a blog post about the importance and value of working in the open. That's coming soon. But we interrupting our meticulously planned content schedule because Co-op Shifts launches to all ...

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UCL x ustwo experiment: A Holistic Approach to Semi–Autonomy

Fully autonomous cars are being tested, but they still have their rough spots and consumer ownership carries many more questions. Looking at vehicles on the road today, the ones with autonomous cap...

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Changing Together Series: The Co-op

Helping transform the Co-op to help it meet its commitment to paying all colleagues the national living wage.

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Addressing our gender pay gap – one year on

So the gender pay gap results are in – 78% of UK firms pay men more than women. There was no sector that paid women more than men on average and the data showed that women are being paid a median h...

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Media & Entertainment Trends for 2018

In the first episode of our new ustwoCHATS podcast series, we take a look at the changing landscape of the entertainment industry, and the key trends for media & entertainment in 2018. Host Nina Dr...

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Will Autonomy Reignite Our Village High Street?

From interstate highways to congested city centers, the ‘big plans’ of our past have left us with noisy, dirty, dangerous places to live – further away from the things that matter to us most. 

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Rethinking Loyalty & Rewards

Loyalty and rewards programs have exploded over the years as brands use them as a hook to drive higher spend and retain customers in a competitive market. Customer fatigue is now common with ho...

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5 Ways To Increase User Understanding

Digital technology is revolutionising the ways we learn and teach. And, we’re not just seeing the impact of this in our classrooms and lecture theatres.

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Designing for Industrial VR

Last year, we paired up with Alfa Laval, a 100-year old leading Swedish industrial company that was interested in showcasing its newly built facility in Aalborg, Denmark in an innovative way.

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Reinventing Client Services

## WHAT'S THE NEW ROLE OF CLIENT SERVICES? Traditionally it was a distinct department charged with being the liaison between client and agency, of inspiring great work and maintaining a creative t...

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VR beyond entertainment

In the nineties, you could go to arcades and movie theaters to experience the future of gaming: Virtual Reality (VR). You would step up onto this enclosed circular platform, put a huge awkward cont...

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Data-Driven React

Last year, we partnered with Samsung to create a for the European market. In the course of developing a single-page web application in React, our team faced a number of challenges in terms of how R...

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