A Fampany

Founded by two best friends, “Mills” & “Sinx” in London in 2004, we set out to create a “Fampany”, marrying the best of family and company.

We believe that by caring deeply for our people, clients, and partners, we can unleash our “collective genius”. That means mastering the art of collaboration, crafting the optimal conditions for a team to perform at its absolute best, in an environment of diverse backgrounds, thoughts, views, opinions and life experiences. See our manifesto to learn more about our purpose, mission, beliefs, and values.

We’re also B-Corp certified, cementing our commitment to running an ethical and sustainable business.

What we do has evolved

Since our humble beginnings, we have always designed and built digital experiences for clients. We have ventured into increasingly challenging products and services, opened new studios, launched apps, games, and immersive products. We created Monument Valley, the award-winning premium mobile game that enthralled millions and redefined the category. And we started investing in startups and philanthropic causes that we are passionate about.

Today, ustwo is widely recognised as a leading design, technology, games, and venture company, whether this is on the stage of Apple’s WWDC or at Fast Company's Innovation by Design Awards.


We design and build digital products, services, and immersive experiences that people love. Increasingly, we help our clients to boost their own digital culture and capabilities.


Ustwo Games is a mobile games studio that loves to make interactive entertainment which challenges the medium, with a strong focus on user experience and elegance in presentation.

Take a look at their award-winning work here: ustwogames.co.uk


ustwo Adventure exists to support early-stage companies that have values and creativity at their core.

Take a look at their pioneering work here: adventure.ustwo.com