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About us

We are a group of award-winning digital product studios with strong design and tech credentials, and with creativity at the heart.

Life in the ustwo London studio

It started with two childhood friends, Matt "Mills" Miller and John "Sinx" Sinclair, working together as “ustwo” back in 2004, exploring and building digital products when they were just starting to become a thing.

Right from those early days to now, we’ve been solving our clients’ business challenges with useful digital products that bring joy.

Having set out initially to work on mobile apps, the business naturally branched out into gaming and investing in new creative ventures. These new directions gave us the chance to use our skills in different creative contexts, and to help brilliant entrepreneurs launch successful businesses. We’ve achieved a lot together, including a BAFTA for Monument Valley (launched on the stage of Apple’s WWDC) and recognition at Fast Company's Innovation by Design Awards.

ustwo’s evolution is an unusual one, and it serves us well. By pursuing such a diverse portfolio of challenges, we’ve built a comprehensive set of creative and strategic skills that shine through our client work. We apply everything we’ve learned – and continue to learn – to crafting beautiful products that deliver sustainable growth.

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Our working culture

We’re a mix of skilled and curious people from a variety of backgrounds, including strategists, technologists, designers and product experts. Agile methodologies come naturally to us, being born collaborators, and our independence means we have the freedom to experiment and to give clients our full attention.

We create a space where our colleagues can flex their skills by taking risks, inspiring and pushing each other, and spending time getting everything just right. Our culture of trust, collaboration and honesty brings out the most creative and considered thinking from both clients and fellow ustwobies. It’s the special something we bring to every challenge.

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What you can expect from us

We can take our clients all the way from identifying and understanding their challenge, through ideation, to delivery.

When faced with clients' most complicated challenges, we combine strategy and creativity to deliver solutions of value — both for the business and the people who matter to it.

ustwo’s team helped us to sense-check our ideas by thinking three steps ahead and analysing the impact on the people who use the platform, both now and in the future.

Their vision and understanding of the entire customer journey and functionality were critical in turning this around so fast.

— Adam Warburton, Head of Digital Product at Co-op
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We craft our teams to fit each project — Design, Tech, Delivery and Strategy — always making sure we have the right skills in the room.

We can help clients transition to a digital-first business with thoughtfully designed digital products.

They truly understood my brand, my mission, what I was trying to achieve... they built a team around my needs.

— Joe Wicks

We focus on the user so we land on creative solutions that set us apart.

Our work with ustwo has been a key component in our drive to ease the life of our clinicians and patients by increasing our digital offerings.

— Niklas Best, Director Digital Ecosystem, Fresenius Medical Care EMEA
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We are Agile: customer-obsessed, outcome-focused, transparent, willing and able to stop or pivot, and we expect and embrace change.

It was a fantastic learning experience working with ustwo. Their determination and ability to get a deep understanding of our customers made them an invaluable voice in board meetings, helping us make the right decisions – for the customers and therefore ultimately for the business.

— Jasmine Skee, Director of Propositions at Three

What B Corp status says about us

We’re focused on giving back more than we take from the world. Our B Corp certification keeps us accountable for the choices we make and the impact we have – as a business and as individual people.

B corp is a public symbol of our commitment to run our business with integrity – including our approach to our work, the ways in which we look after each other and our environment, and how we contribute to society at large.

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