ustwo Games

Creators of VR experience Land’s End and BAFTA winning Monument Valley


ustwo Games is a mobile games studio that loves to make interactive entertainment which challenges the medium, with a strong focus on user experience and elegance in presentation.

From our BAFTA award-winning hit Monument Valley which has achieved over 30 million downloads to date, to innovative virtual reality experience Land’s End – now at 330K downloads – we hope our dedication to craft and platform specific design shows in every product we create.

The latest release from ustwo Games, Monument Valley II, came out in June 2017 and is now available on iOS.


ustwo games was founded in May 2013, originally as an independent team within ustwo’s London studio. Then 8 people, the team has now grown to 20 with a diverse and talented range of individuals from in and outside the games industry. Then, in 2016 we moved to our new studio in Oval, South London.


As a standalone studio, we draw both from the diversity of our talent as well as ustwo’s gaming legacy – from Whale Trail, to studio experiments like Blip Blup and onwards to the dizzying heights on Monument Valley. Our relationship to the ustwo product studio has also helped encourage working practices not always seen in the gaming industry.

Without the culture of UX mastery, Pixel Perfect Precision and user-centric design, our games would not be as well-crafted as they are. They would not be as popular as they are. When it comes to both games and digital products, ustwo have a shared belief in creating the highest quality, easiest to use experiences, and we don’t really see a difference between client product experience and our own gaming output.

It’s this blend of industry acumen, best practices and eclectic influences that encourages us to think about games in non-traditional ways, helping us to make digital experiences that defy (and hopefully define) expectations.