Finding the key that will transform Three into UK’s best-loved brand

What The Challenge Was

Three have an audacious goal: to become the UK’s most-loved brand by 2021 and to make it a place employees love. We were appointed to help them make that happen. First by using our design thinking and strategy skills to deliver a series of new marketing propositions, and second by bringing an agile, user-centred way of working to the Three marketing team to improve its capabilities and transform the way it works.

What We Did

Emotional propositions - we started by working with the Propositions team within Three to develop a new way of working that allowed them to focus for short periods of time on specific opportunity areas, developing solutions hand in hand with their customers to focus in on what will engage them as we researched, iterated and tested concepts.

We’ve also been working with the Corporate Strategy team to explore future technologies and to bring agile and design thinking to the company’s C-Suite.

How Things Changed

The marketing team at Three now works in a completely different way. Propositions are not just marketing-led but involve stakeholders throughout the business. The new approach is already delivering the goods. Business cases are being established through user research rather than guesswork and customer value is at the centre of every marketing proposition. The time it takes to develop a proposition has shrunk from six months to just six weeks.

Meaningful Impact

“Since working with ustwo we have been able to accelerate our path to delivering emotional propositions and new ways of working and setting us up for an exciting future".

Jasmine Skee, Director of Propositions

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