Test case study

Connected experiences for the next generation of drivers and passengers

The challenge

Jaguar’s founder famously said ‘the car is the closest thing we will ever create to something that is alive’. The challenge to us was how to extend the spirit that transcends the metal into the digital realm. With a line-up of next generation luxury vehicles to launch, the imperative was to create a more modern and connected experience to delight the next generation of customers.

What we did

Jaguar Land Rover’s InControl Remote is a premium digital service that enables drivers to control their car from anywhere in the world.

The launch of the Apple Watch and Android Wear gave us the chance to extend the connected car experience to the wrist for the first time. We helped Jaguar Land Rover to become the first carmaker in the world to do this.

But we wanted to go beyond bragging rights. Our early testing coalesced around peace of mind and we could deliver this at a glance. Did I lock my car? Do I have enough fuel for my journey? Is my alarm going off?

A few years on, we were well placed to give the mobile platform a design and technology overhaul to improve the customer experience and create operational efficiencies.