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Health and Fitness

From improving the fitness of the World to helping clinicians find the data they need when they need it. We are passionate about the potential of digital technology to transform health care.

We have tackled a breadth of areas from mental health to kidney disease, from allergy management to sleep devices.

Across these different conditions, we have seen the potential for digital technologies to generate timely and relevant personal data, increase patient engagement, and empower clinicians.

We see a new 'Consumerisation of Health' that empowers people to have a better understanding of and engagement with their health, ushered in by technologies already common in consumers’ lives (the smartphone, wearables, etc.).

It starts with an idea and ends with real impact:

  • No. 1
    Health and Fitness in the Apple app store
  • 550%
    increase in customer base from a year ago
  • 4.8
    star rating
  • 4
    workouts per week on average by users

Relentless User Focus

We design products and services grounded in the in-depth understanding of user needs, from patients to clinicians.

Truly Agile

We don’t pay lip service to Agile methodologies: we live, breathe, and dream them. We understand how to make Agile work practices work within traditional health care R&D processes and organisations.

Teaching by Doing

We bring our clients on the product journey: from executive coaching sessions to working shoulder-to-shoulder with product teams, we use a 'show me, don't tell me' approach.

The app, digitised business model and support mechanisms they’ve designed will help me reach more and more people, and let me help them in a meaningful and lasting way. I can’t wait to see how things go from here.

//Joe Wicks, The Body Coach

The conceptual boundary between ‘health’ and ‘digital health’ is dissolving, and there are huge opportunities to address health care challenges in a number of areas.

People First

Empowered people and well-functioning teams are the foundation for great product development. While processes and methodologies like design thinking and Agile are essential, following a tool set alone will not deliver meaningful digital experiences. We pay particular attention to people and team dynamics as the oft overlooked dimension in Agile and software development.

The Body Coach
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One Team

We seamlessly fuse with our clients across disciplines, roles, and backgrounds. We empower every team member of this combined team to be both a critical thinker and a pragmatic doer—unlocking the true potential of individuals and teams. Everyone is a change agent; we believe every part of the organisation needs to contribute.

What we learned designing for healthcare

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