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Create with Google

Building a creative platform to reach millions of storytellers


I have never witnessed a team that is as tight or co-ordinated. You guys rocked in and just rolled it out without a glitch, super impressed.

Ross Jauncey, Head of Create with Google

The Problem

The stories we tell and how we tell them matters. The combination of ideas, creativity, and storytelling are the ingredients for a brand to bring about change, connection and meaning. Ross Jauncey, Head of Create with Google and his team across APAC saw this opportunity in the market and set about changing the way people interact with Google platforms.

The ambition was to “Make the internet better”; by inspiring content makers and advertising creatives to think of Google as a creative canvas in which to tell a story.

What We Did

ustwo was brought in to work with Google across APAC to transform the existing tools and bring the creative vision to life.

With a tight deadline to coincide with launches internally and at APAC award ceremonies, we had to move at speed to explore opportunities for the business, create prototypes and begin the build phase.

Within just three months we designed, built and launched three core products and eight tools, as well as co-creating the Create with Google brand.

The project outputs were:

  • Create with Google Website - The home and heart of CwG, it houses the key tools Audience Connect, Pitch Partner and the creative downloads (case studies) that deliver insights into the world's best campaigns.

  • Audience Connect - This is an innovative piece of technology that allows the audience at Google events to interact with the content they are presenting. Google presenters can show the creative output and judge audience reaction in real-time.

  • Pitch Partner - This is a mockup tool designed specifically for YouTube that gives users the opportunity to see what their creative behaves like in real time.

What we learned

Google has a stringent process in place for any development work to meet security and code standards, with all design and visual language requiring approval from the global brand team. We had to work through regular rigorous security and code review processes while collaborating with distributed Google teams across APAC (Sydney, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai and Kolkata). We overcame this hurdle with a number of approaches, using tools such as Mural, and developing our tools and ways of working specifically for the project, allowing us to effectively and efficiently collaborate across teams, countries and timezones to give the business confidence the products would match the ambition.

Meaningful Impact

We were tasked with a big ambition to help ‘make the internet better’ and establish Google as a true creative partner through its suite of tools and products. Create with Google was launched in APAC in 2018, and in 2019 it will expand globally reaching millions of creative storytellers.