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Creating a scalable digital pay-at-pump solution to make it easier to fuel up and go

Australia’s largest fuel network, Caltex, wanted to launch a digital pay-at-pump solution called FuelPay to make life easier for the 7 million Australians who regularly fuel up at their stations.

They needed a partner to help them refocus their digital strategy and roll out a scalable, maintainable digital solution across their 750 service stations. Therefore this challenge was two-fold; help Caltex take ownership of, and evolve their existing digital products to get them to scale, and help them build their internal digital capability so they can take the reins of their current and future digital products.

ustwo was approached for this project based on our expertise and experience building impactful digital products and working with large organisations in building internal digital capabilities.

How we Helped

ustwo helped Caltex roll out not one but three digital products - Caltex Australia (their flagship mobile app), Caltex StarCard and The Foodary, and worked with them to refocus their digital strategy and evolve their digital capabilities.

Armed with some initial insights and findings from the beta products in market, we broke down the challenge into three components:

Architecture & Scalability - Caltex already had a beta version of The Foodary appin market however they needed it to scale up to support millions of customers across 750 service stations Using the ‘lean flexibility’ model we set about rebuilding the existing app to be scalable and modular, while laying down solid technical foundations, ensuring subsequent iterations were future-proof.

Design & Research - Our challenge was to understand how to increase the usage of some of the key features being trialled in the beta app; FuelPay and Pre Order of coffee and food We worked with Caltex to understand what their digital brand would look like and how that would tie in with the customer experience.

Measure & Optimise - We implemented success metrics and customer engagement tools to measure the success of the FuelPay product and minimise product friction. ustwo also created a customer engagement strategy to glean feedback and insights based on user behaviour, which would inform subsequent iterations and roll-outs.

Building Digital Capability

At the start of the process, Caltex had a small digital team which they wished to upskill and grow by the end of the project. During the process of discovering user pain points, designing, and building the digital products, we re-engineered the Caltex digital team, forming hybrid groups made up of ustwo and Caltex designers, developers and analysts. This allowed us to train and teach the expanding team, sharing our knowledge and transferring our design thinking approach as we progressed through the project.

We used regular workshops and showcases as an opportunity to step back and highlight the reasoning and process behind every activity, iteration, and decision we made along the way. Fundamental to a successful capability building process is our Coaches, who made sure the growing team was accountable for their progress, shining a light on areas to improve and identifying actions to allow them to move forward.


  1. We helped Caltex take control of their existing apps; to launch and scale the flagship Caltex Australia app, while using the foundational code to rebuild the Foodary and StarCard apps; and

  2. We helped Caltex build their internal digital capability so that they can take full control of their digital products, empowering Caltex to set up their own digital lab, and developing product owners who would be confident in managing the future needs of their products.