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Auto and Mobility

We make a positive impact on the way businesses, people and cities move.

While context is key in creating new automotive and transportation experiences, we view mobility itself as a basic human need.

The auto and mobility industry is grappling with an unprecedented change, sparked by the advent of new technologies such as self-driving vehicles and new attitudes towards car ownership and transportation.

Relentless User Focus

In an industry often dominated by engineering priorities, we design products and services grounded in the in-depth understanding of user needs. We published the first comprehensive analysis of the human experience aspect of autonomy.

Truly Agile

We don’t just pay lip service to Agile methodologies: we live, breathe, and dream them. We understand how to make Agile practices work within traditional automotive and transportation processes and organisations.

Teaching by Doing

We bring our clients on the product journey; from executive coaching sessions to working shoulder-to-shoulder with product teams, we use a 'show me, don't tell me' approach.

The four pillars of our Auto & Mobility expertise

Customer-vehicle access

The way we buy vehicles is changing. These days we favour digital experience, such as online, AR and VR showrooms over traditional dealerships. Further, more and more of us are paying for access to the vehicle rather than outright ownership. We craft the service design and digital touchpoints that provide us with access to the journey.


Autonomous transport

Autonomous vehicles promise to make a meaningful difference to the world, enabling a new level of mobility, independence and safety for all. Yet discussions continue to focus on topics such as technological feasibility and its impact on our roads, rather than the needs of us all. We create delightful, accessible autonomous experiences.

People and Driverless Vehicles

Humanising Autonomy

We wrote a book about researching and prototyping unique autonomous mobility experiences.

The Book

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