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Audience Connect

Together with Google, we created a digital tool to increase audience engagement through real-time feedback

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Presenting to groups can be challenging, engagement levels can vary from person to person and it can be difficult to know how interesting and useful the content being presented is to the audience.

Working with Google, we developed ‘Audience Connect’- a desktop app that turns Google Slides presentations into conversations- allowing audience members to engage with interactive exercises, ask questions and give real-time feedback using their mobile phones.

"We had a vision for the product but it meant we threw some incredible technical challenges at the ustwo team. Their ability to shape and deliver this brand new tool was nothing short of incredible. It's a testament to their diverse skillset and Google's ongoing relationship with ustwo."

Ross Jauncey, Head of Create with Google

From broadcast to conversation

Working with creative agencies, we initially developed a tool that would allow them to test and iterate the success and engagement of Youtube ads and creative content.

Seeing the potential to expand these real-time feedback tools to a broader audience, we worked with Google to develop a toolkit that allows presenters to add pre-created slides with multiple-choice questions, a sliding scale to measure content sentiment, track video engagement, and custom forms to create tailored feedback.

The results are visible on-screen, in real-time, shifting the presentation into a more interactive experience. Participants can also download content in the presentation, such as pdfs, videos, and whitepapers - sent straight to their email.Audience Connect solves a common frustration by enabling videos to be played offline, avoiding video lag and making every presentation smooth and seamless.

Simplifying complex technology

To ensure the app was intuitive and straightforward to use, we had to simplify three pieces of complex technology and develop one system that powers the desktop app - removing the friction of having to install additional plugins and add-ons.

There is also a lot of background technology working to automatically generate the feedback data and analytics, which is then sent to the host once the presentation is complete. The data is invaluable in helping presenters discover what topics resonated with their audience and enabling them to share insights with their stakeholders.

Audience Connect turns passive listeners into active participants, creates deeper connections, makes content more memorable, and uncovers valuable audience insights.

Audience Connect is used by a large global community, and is the leading product of Create with Google. There are new features and experiences being released this year. To download head to Audience Connect.