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Klara: on a mission to improve the lives of people affected by allergies!


Founded in Copenhagen in 1923, ALK is a research-driven, global pharmaceutical company, with an almost 100 year history of allergy prevention, diagnosis and innovative treatment in immunotherapy to look back on. In 2017 they founded the start-up, in order to make their extensive knowledge and expertise accessible to as many people as possible, and ultimately become the go-to allergy company in the world.

In teaming up with the ask was that ustwo apply their user centric and highly crafted approach, to leverage ALK’s expertise and unique allergy data sources, by making them freely and easily accessible for people affected by allergies. And the time pressure was on, with an ambition of having something to offer for the upcoming pollen season, giving us about 2 months from start to launch.

Our solution: Klara!

A personalised allergy companion, that will guide you through the pollen season, providing you with the data, insights and tips you need to live smarter with allergies. Starting with Germany as the pilot market, the first releases have focused on providing the most valuable data, in an easy to understand way, alongside general tips for the day. But looking to the future the aim is to make Klara much smarter.


Klara will soon start learning from user inputs and behaviour, to make her recommendations smarter and more relevant to each individual. This will include the possibility of logging how you are affected by pollen day to day, and specifying known allergies, to make the pollen data even more relevant to you. You will also be able to let Klara know what outside activities you enjoy, or maybe even what holiday plans you have, so she can help you plan better around the allergies that affect you.

With Klara launching in the UK this month, and with several destinations across Europe coming up on the roadmap, more and more people should soon be able to tap into the invaluable expertise of ALK and

Available for Germany and UK in the App Store and Google Play