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Humanising Autonomy

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In our latest book, we argue the auto industry's approach to autonomy is imbalanced – we need to focus on the human factors involved rather than the technical challenges alone.

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article-humanising-autonomy Chapter


Humanising Autonomy

Book Chapter 1

Autonomous vehicles promise to make a meaningful difference to the world, enabling a new level of mobility, independence and safety for all. Yet discussions continue to focus on topics such as technological feasibility and its impact to our roads, rather than the needs of the user.

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article-driverless-vehicles Chapter

People and Driverless Vehicles

What Does Autonomy Mean to You?

Book Chapter 2

In order to overcome the barriers to autonomous vehicle adoption, they need to be truly accessible to everyone. The way to do this? Observe what people’s mobility wants and needs are. This is the key to creating a human approach to autonomy that actually works.

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article-driverless-taxis Chapter

Hailing a Driverless Taxi

What roles will we miss when there is no longer a driver?

Book Chapter 15a

In a driverless future, how will we hail a taxi? We argue that you need to look beyond app-based solutions to make these interactions as inclusive as possible.

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article-ev-sound Chapter

A glance at the future of external vehicular sound

Increasing pedestrian safety through smart tones.

Book Chaper 15b

We explore different auditory concepts to communicate risk to pedestrians, with the goal of creating a safer relationship between them and Electronic Vehicles.

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auto-roo Chapter

Introducing the ustwo Roo

Our autonomous car concept

Book Chapter 15c

Looking beyond opportunities to optimise, ustwo’s AV concept is built on the foundational idea that there’s more to people’s mobility needs than simply the vehicle and its technology.

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article-whywefail Chapter

Leading Change

How we succeed

Book Chapter 16

Seven key principles that can help shape a successful digital strategy in the face of constant change.

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article-web-summit Chapter

9 things we learned at web summit

ustwo Auto talk user-centred design for driverless cars.

Didn't make it to Web Summit 2017? Here's what ustwo got up to on stage – and what we learned off it.

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